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What’s up friends! I’m Callahan, and I am here to level-up your health and wellness and help you unlock your wellness vision and goals. I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in June 2023 becoming a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. During 2020-2021 I received my Buti Yoga training as well as my 200 Hour YTT, which can be incorporated into my overall coaching strategy. My passion for travel, adventure, health, and overall joy for life has led me to where I am today and I want to help YOU Integrate positive changes and find your way to ultimate health and life balance.

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You are ready to shift your mindset on personal health.

You are ready to begin a healing journey for your body and soul. 

You are ready to feel grounded in a sustainable wellness practice. 

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   week program


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This program allows the client to experience and overcome various challenges while firmly establishing new healthy habits and sustainable shifts to last a lifetime. 


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- alexandra, 2023 client

"Callahan has made such an impact on my growth, life, and perspective. Her ability to find the positive in all parts of life's challenges is inspiring. She leaves everyone believing they have the power to change their own realities."


- sean, 2023 client